Next Cavern Class at Dayo Scuba:

December 12th & 13th 2015

The cavern zone is the part of a cave from which daylight is still visible. It is probably the most beautiful part of the cave, and has some incredible scenery. It is essential that curious divers learn the proper techniques to safely explore this new environment without endangering themselves or damaging this fragile environment.

Cavern diving is NOT for everyone, but for those seeking to do this type of diving, and do it correctly, the cavern course will help to prepare & train to safely venture into the overhead environment of caverns & wrecks. It is a very hands-on, fun course, where you will learn to multi-task like never before!

The cavern course develops the minimum skills and knowledge for safe cavern diving. Topics include cavern diving planning, good cavern diving techniques (line and light use), body positioning (trim), cavern propulsion techniques, emergency procedures, problem solving, and other specialized needs of cavern diving (silting, entanglement, disorientation, and equipment modifications). Throughout your cavern course you will learn how to streamline your equipment, and use new gear such as using a reel, a backup spool, and a long hose on your primary regulator.

You will also learn how to fine tune your buoyancy, you will NOT learn the basic skills of buoyancy in a cavern class.

We will do land drills and gear prep before hand, and plan to dive Orange Grove & Peacock 1 on Saturday (12th), and Little River and P3 on Sunday (December 13th).

Drop by, call or message for more information or to sign up for class!

Remember, past students (Dayo Alumni) get 10% off their course fee