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Thread: Dayo Scuba Staff Dive Trip to Living Seas Aquarium in Epcot

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    Animated Dive Flag Dayo Scuba Staff Dive Trip to Living Seas Aquarium in Epcot

    Dayo Scuba Staff Dive Trip to Living Seas Aquarium in Epcot

    On Friday 6th November staff members from Dayo Scuba headed off to visit the Living Seas Aquarium over in Epcot.

    After a quick check in (all participants must be scuba certified to dive the Living Seas Aquarium) and scuba gear sizing, we were led to the backstage area of the Living Seas Exhibit. Will was our land based tour guide and he gave us all sorts of interesting info and facts about the day to day operations of the aquarium (for example, the water in the aquarium is the same water since it was opened in 1976, its constantly recycled!). We visited the kitchens where they do the food prep for the animals and the isolation pools containing the manatees and dolphins.

    After a safety briefing and orientation to the rules of the aquarium, we changed into our wetsuits. Epcot provide ALL the scuba gear, in fact you are not allowed to bring any of your own gear into the tank, only your own mask and watch.

    After we changed into our wetsuits we got a tour of what the “regular” visitors to the Living Seas Aquarium see….looking into the tanks at the fish. We went up to the top of the tank, where all our gear was laid out and waiting for us. Our good friend, Rebecca Riddle, the divemaster for our tour, was trained by Dayo Scuba a few years ago. She gave a detailed briefing and we set off for our dive.

    The Epcot Living Seas tank measures and impressive 200 feet across and 25 feet deep. This 6 million gallon aquarium is only separated from the outside world by a mere 8 inch thickness of glass! The 77 degree Caribbean Coral Reef themed aquarium features more than 60 species of fish including dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, rays and a multitude of multi-colored tropical fish.

    The visibility was crystal clear, and after an orientation swim around the tank with Rebecca, we buddied up to swim around and explore for ourselves. We saw two 12 foot tiger sharks, MASSIVE jewfish, and some cool turtles. We also saw the dolphins on the other side of the tank in their own enclosure. There was a large pregnant spotted eagle ray swimming around, apparently she is about to give birth any day now. None of the fish were frightened of our divers, they just swam around as normal, so we got some real good close up looks of them.

    What was also great fun was swimming up to the viewing areas to look out at the other visitors, people outside took our picture and waved in madly at us. We also cruised by the restaurant where people were eating their dinner. Our dive lasted 45 minutes, and we had our own personal videographer that shoot video footage of us.

    After our dive the staff helped us out of the water, took all our gear, and gave us dry towels. After we showered and changed we were treated to refreshments and we watched the DVD they made of us.

    Unfortunately there is no photography allowed in the backstage areas and in the actual aquarium itself, but we have the DVD they made, after we pull a few stills from it, we will post them up here.

    In the meantime, Omar was kind enough to make the DVD accessible, it is split up into two parts

    Dayo Scuba Dives Living Seas Aquarium in Epcot, Part One

    Dayo Scuba Dives Living Seas Aquarium in Epcot, Part Two
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