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    About Orlando's Best Scuba Instructors & Staff

    Tom Johnson (TJ)
    SDI, TDI & ERDI Instructor Trainer & Evaluator (OW, PSD, Cave & Technical) #3297
    , PADI MSDT #167016, NSS CDS Sponsor #368, NACD #162, IANTD #6514
    On the SDI/TDI/ERDI Training Advisory Panel
    Orlando, Florida

    Hobbies: Exploring & surveying caves, sumps, and wrecks!

    Denise Byrne
    Our Training Director!
    SDI & TDI Instructor Trainer
    & Evaluator (OW, Cave & Technical) #13415, PADI MSDT Instructor #640775
    Orlando, Florida

    Hobbies: Cats, Canoe/Kayak, Cave & Ocean Diving

    Tyler Cole
    Shop Manager, SDI & NAUI Instructor
    Oviedo, FL

    Scott LaPointe
    SDI, TDI, PADI Instructor
    Orlando & Clermont, Florida
    Hobbies: Diving & Bowling!

    Tim Vann
    Gear Service Manager
    PADI Master Instructor
    EFR Instructor Trainer
    Technical and Cave Diver
    Orlando, FL
    Hobbies: His family and diving

    John Campbell
    SDI Instructor Intern (almost there!)
    Cave & Technical Diver
    Hobbies: Sumps, Caves, oh, and Study for College!

    Demetrios Bechlivanis
    Open Water Refresher Trainer
    Altamonte Springs, FL
    Hobbies: His bike, collecting scuba gear, diving and arguing over changes at Dayo Scuba!

    Omar Metwally
    Orlando, Florida
    Hobbies: Family & Teaching

    Robert 'Rob' Andrews
    SDI, TDI Instructor
    Cave & Tech Diver
    Hobbies: Diving!

    Carol Sugars
    SDI, TDI Instructor
    Hobbies: Pilot & Diving

    Lou McCall
    SDI IT Staff & TDI Instructor
    Handicapped SCUBA Association Instructor
    Hobbies: Family grandkid(s)... and diving

    Sonny Weishaupt
    Orlando, Florida
    Hobbies: Wife, Emergency Services training, and of course, diving whenever he can.

    Brooke Adrian
    Divemaster Intern
    Orlando, Florida
    Hobbies: Her son and diving

    Who are we?
    • We are very active scuba, cave and technical divers in Orlando and Central Florida, diving every day of the week. This is a full time occupation (and we enjoy it) for the key instructors at Dayo Scuba. We still dive for fun and are actively involved in exploration projects. Scheduling your class is often based around your plans, not some pre-determined class schedule. Don't let our calendar mislead you as to availability of classes.

    • We are scuba trainers first. We will not try to sell you gear for your basic open water class. We supply ALL your gear for the basic class. After class, once better educated and experienced with dive gear, we'll be happy to help you purchase your own gear (ie: mask, fins, wetsuits, regulators, BCDs, etc...).

    • We sometimes we have large classes (small is normal), but we always have multiple instructors, assistant instructors and divemasters present to insure quality hands on training and safety. Our training is done at a local pool, lakes, springs and oceans.
    • What about diving with us after certification? You don't have to, but we invite all our alumni to come back and just dive for fun when we do our trips and most classes. You can even use our gear at a reduced price ($35). Mentoring is a great method of training we can't always do, but your time allowing, we prefer to mentor our students into developing better buoyancy and general diving skills, and by returning to dive with us, we get that chance.

    • We don't fail our students. If you need more time to finish, it won't cost you any more than the extra cost of the dive sites fees (if any). Local or not, you can jump into another class when you are ready. The vast majority of students get through the courses just fine, but we have a few that simply need more time or just had a bad day clearing their ears. Most of those students that needed extra time, come back and finish and now dive regularly.
    • So what do the people we have trained say about us? Student Comments

    • Got questions about anything related to dive training? We will talk to you. Please call 321-800-2590 or 800-525-3296 if out of state). Email is scuba@dayo.com. Email us anytime of course. We are prompt in responding to email. You can also register and post questions on our own forum.

    • We offer recreational dive certifications from multiple agencies. Each is only slightly different in training, but you still get the best quality training possible. They are the top training agencies in the world, and all recognized world wide. The agencies are PADI, SDI, and IANTD. We do Open Water Referrals from all major agencies. Technical certifications are from TDI (the world's leader in technical dive certifications), and IANDT. Cavern & Cave certifications are from TDI, NACD, and NSS CDS.
    • PICTURES! An added but awesome bonus is that we record every class and every dive trip with pictures and video clips; Everytime!

    Chris Leavitt
    SDI/TDI Instructor,
    Technical and Full Cave Diver
    Haines City, FL
    Hobbies: Cave diving with DPV (Scooters), ocean diving, and WORK (Aghhhh)...

    Tommy Burchfield
    SDI & TDI Instructor, Cave & Tech Diver
    Orlando, FL
    Hobbies: Cave diving and his online internet business

    Ron Creel
    PADI Divemaster
    SDI/TDI Instructor
    Kissimmee, FL
    Hobbies: Flying (he teaches that also), Diving and his grand kids

    Jose Santos
    NAUI Divemaster
    SDI/TDI Instructor
    Clermont, FL

    Hobbies: Family and diving!

    Scott Coupland
    PADI Divemaster
    SDI Instructor Intern
    Tech & Full Cave Diver
    Oviedo, FL
    Hobbies: Cave and DPV Diving, and apparently staying away from the shop and finishing his instructor training!

    Brent Reid
    SDI & TDI Instructor
    Cave & Technical Diver
    Orlando, FL
    Hobbies: New wife, new wife, new wife!

    Donald Lee Wuerz, Jr (Chip)
    PADI, IANTD & TDI Advanced Trimix,
    CCR Instructor
    Orlando, Florida
    Hobbies: CCRs, learning to teach even more CCRs.

    Jay Wells
    PADI Instructor, Cave & Tech Diver
    Jupiter/West Palm Beach, Florida
    Hobbies: TJ says it the Tiki Bar and his bike... but dives when he can

    Bob Rosell
    PADI Divemaster - Chief Guide
    Orlando, FL
    Hobbies: Photography and Diving

    More Staff, Pictures Coming!

    Aracely Rojas
    SDI & TDI Instructor
    Baja, Mexico

    Dayo Dogs at the Shop! We have 5 regulars.. Watch your step out back!