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    Open Water Skills Done During Confined(or Pool) and Open Water

    Confined Water Skills

    Open Water Skills

    Don and adjust equipment
    Inflate/deflate BCD at surface
    Breathing underwater
    Regulator recovery
    Regulator clearing
    Clearing a partially flooded mask
    Underwater swimming
    Submersible pressure gauge use
    Alternate air source use
    Hand signals
    Predive Safety Check
    Deep water entry(s)
    Snorkel clearing - blast method
    Snorkel – regulator exchange
    Surface swimming with scuba
    Mask removal, replacement & clearing
    No mask breathing
    Disconnect low pressure inflator
    BCD oral inflation and deflation oat the surface
    Proper weighting
    Air depletion exercise
    Weight removal at the surface (quick release)
    Equipment removal at surface and exit

    Neutral Buoyancy, fin pivot oral and low pressure inflation
    Neutral buoyancy swim
    Cramp removal
    Tired diver tow
    Air depletion/alternate air source combined exercise
    Free flow regulator breathing
    Controlled emergency swimming ascent (CESA)
    Headfirst surface dives
    Ascent and snorkel clearing
    100 yard swim
    50 yard surface snorkel swim
    four surface dives
    50 foot underwater swim
    4 ascents
    4 snorkel clears
    No mask swim
    Neutral Buoyancy – hovering
    Buddy breathing
    Scuba unit and weight removal and replacement underwater
    Scuba unit and weight removal at the surface
    Alternate Air Source
    Buddy breathe
    Remove & replace gear
    Equipment preparation
    Don and adjust equipment
    Predive safety check
    Buoyancy/weight check
    Controlled descent (max 40 ft)
    Underwater exploration

    Equipment preparation
    Don and adjust equipment
    Predive safety check
    Buoyancy/weight check
    (Cramp removal self and buddy)
    (25 yard tired diver tow)
    (Snorkel/regulator exchange)
    Controlled descent (maximum 40 feet)
    Buoyancy control – fin pivot, low pressure inflator
    Partial and complete mask flood and clear
    Regulator recovery and clearing
    Alternate air source use stationary and AAS assisted ascent
    Underwater exploration and buoyancy control ascent
    (Weight removal at the surface)

    (50 yard straight line surface swim with compass)
    Free descent with reference to 20-30 feet (max 60)
    Buoyancy control – neutral buoyancy on bottom, fin pivot oral
    Complete mask flood and clear
    Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent (CESA)
    Buddy breathing – stationary and ascent from 20-30 feet (optional)
    Underwater exploration
    (Remove and replace weight system at the surface)
    (Remove and replace scuba unit at the surface)

    Free descent without reference no deeper than 60 feet
    Buoyancy control – hovering
    Mask removal, replacement and clearing
    (Underwater navigation with compass)
    Underwater exploration
    Basic Rescue Skills