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    Dayo Scuba's Testimonials from some of our clients/students

    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for a wonderful experience over the weekend learning to dive! I was a little nervous going into the whole thing and your patience and attention to your students really took the anxiety out of the experience for me and made it really fun. I am so excited now about taking my first dive in the ocean in February - I can hardly wait! I promise I will make you proud as a safe and relaxed diver! Additionally - I am interested in learning a bit more about equipment. I am planning to stop over at the shop one day this week after work to discuss options with you and call upon your expertise as to what is appropriate for a new diver. Thanks again for a wonderful experience - I look forward to a chance sometime later this year of coming back to dive with you again. Claudia M

    Love your new website look and feel. Just checking in. My youngest son Chris and I had the thrill of diving the Graveyard in the Atlantic over July 4th holidays for three beautiful days of wreck diving. The water and temp was wonderful and yes, we can now say we have dove on the German submarines which once threatened our coast line. It was our first time with 10 to 14 foot Sand Tigers all around. Even though everyone says they are docile, they are hard to turn your back on. It was also our first time with spear fishing divers on board. (not sure I like that part). Headed for Key West, Cozumel and Grand Cayman in October and have diving booked at all three stops. Diving has truly been an adventure and stress release sport for me and it all started at Dayo. Peter has taken great care of me as I stocked up my family with some first class equipment. (Atomic/Oceanic). Your customer service is always excellent. Maybe soon I can return to Orlando and join all of you for a dive or two. Great Diving!!!!! Clyde W.

    Mel and I really enjoyed all the attention you gave us during the course which made us confident on our first dives after class. We've done a number of them too. Good job! We sure wish we lived in Florida so you could show us more of those springs. We plan to take the cavern class with you on one of our many trips to Florida. Keith R.

    Libby and I want to thank you more than can reasonably be expressed in an email. You are an impressive leader and teacher, and frankly, we both feel that any other instructor would have not provided the impressive level of guidance, talent, experience and patience that you do so naturally. In all sincerity, you were soooo good, we're not sure how we could have accomplished what we did without you.
    Tom & Libby

    We wanted to tell you again how much we enjoy this weekend. We definitely would not have received all the personal attention had we taken class through another source. We were both very excited when we left and can't wait to go again. Anyway we are going to try to do one of your keys trip after the first of the year. See you later. Missy Manley

    We just got back from our cruise to Grand Caymans and Cozamel. It was incredible diving especially Coz. We had a great time. Again we are so happy we decided to take our class. Please keep us in mind for further adventures. The Manleys
    PS We did not silt. You would have been happy.

    Thanks for taking us out for our open water dives! It was a lot of fun. Pictures look great. Can't wait to try out our camera in the Caymans. I'll be sure to scan them and send them to you, or send you the link if we scan them ourselves. Take care, Antoine.

    I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how great it has been to have you not only as a dive instructor, but a dive buddy and friend. Who would have thought that my searching the internet for Dive Instructors would lead me to someone in Orlando, considering I'm in Alabama. I'm glad it did. You are a great instructor and I have learned a lot from you, including some really good underwater photography techniques. Now that I'm Advanced Open Water certified we'll have to work on the next step, whatever that is.... Just let me know the when and the where and I will have my gear ready, since I feel like I always have one fin in the water anyways..... Keep up the good work and I hope we dive again soon. Rina

    I thought I was going to fail the course. I could not clear my mask and kept panicking, but your patience and advice won the day. Thanks for putting up with me. I owe a lot to you for all the extra time, another day, you put into making me a diver. Sincerely, Mark

    Wow! Want a great time and adventure and it was in January! I still can't believe all the adventure we had over 3 mornings of diving... and the manatees were a great bonus... Thank you very much for a wonderful few days... even if it did wear us out.... Bill, Martie, Sally

    Thanks for training my son Chris. He is real excited to go diving in the keys this year. We are going to have a good time. Dan

    Great pictures. Well, I've recovered now and am on an exercise program. I'm also in the process of quitting smoking. My target date to be totally smoke free is July 14. a lot of good things are coming of this class. Thanks for passing me. Regards, Mike S

    I finally got my card here in Japan. Thank you! Hope we can dive together again... Mayuko

    Thanks again for the SCUBA instruction this weekend. I had a GREAT time and learned a LOT! I hope to continue getting some experience with some "general" recreation dives and perhaps try to get my cave certification after I have mastered my buoyancy better. I really liked the deeper dives and would perhaps also like to get that specialty. Actually I like them ALL... I wish I would have started this 25 years ago, oh well. Take care, Duane

    Absolutely, thanks again for everything. We had a ball. The pictures are great! Thanks again, talk with you soon! Christina

    Thanks for a great weekend. Just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed the class. Let us know of your upcoming classes so Christina and I can join you. Thanks again. Tom Zorn

    Hi this Kevin, you video taped me and James on 5/10. Thanks for taking the pictures! Kevin

    Just a quick note to thank you again for your help in getting me certified. Thanks again. JJ and I had a great weekend with you. Chris Alley

    My 13 year old son is taking his open water and we use your examples at http://www.DayoScuba.com/padirdp.htm. Problems for you to work at home to help him study. I thought they were excellent and a lot of work has gone into them. Thanks for making them available. Keep up the good work. Regards, Bob Carnie

    I really appreciate your taking care of us last weekend. I will not be able to forget wreck ship, huge stingray, beautiful coral and pretty fishes. We are looking forward to updating some photos on your web site. Hopefully, we will be back to dive in FL soon. Thanks again, Kaz