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    Ear Beer Anyone?

    Scuba diving is great, lots of fun, rewarding, but it has a few shortfalls, like ear problems. Clearing them on ascents and descents is one big issue, but the other, infection, is a bit more subtle but just as problematic. Ear infections are common but can be easily prevented. Maybe not always, but I know I've NEVER got an infection after applying some homemade ear beer just after a dive.

    There are lots of recipes for ear beer. The most common is a 50/50 mixture of alcohol and white vinegar (5% acetic acid). The alcohol cleans and kills, and the vinegar is used as a drying agent to treat the inner ear. When I make ear beer, I throw in some hydrogen peroxide (diluted). It seems to work better for me.

    The easiest recipe is to just use hydrogen peroxide all by itself. Used too frequently and too long isn't good on the ears, but just dropping some in after a dive goes a long way, just like the 50/50 mix, in preventing infections. Its easy, because you can buy it anywhere; no mixing needed.
    So if you are prone to ear infections, or just want to do something to prevent ever having that issue, add ear beer to your scuba list of things to take along.

    Tom Johnson / TJ
    Dayo Scuba