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    Dayo Scuba uses the Lake Brantley High School Pool for training our Open Water Classes. This is a large outdoor pool, and maintains a water temperature in the high seventies year round.

    Dayo Scuba uses the pool through organized, pre booked sessions. Please contact denise@dayo.com to organize your pool session.

    Address of Lake Brantley Pool:
    991 Sand Lake Road
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

    Directions To Lake Brantley Pool

    1) Turn left onto Executive Drive as you leave Dayo Scuba training center.
    2) Turn right onto Lee Rd.
    3) Make an immediate U-turn and head back towards I-4.
    4) Turn right at traffic light, onto Wymore, opposite Dennys, 100 feet before I-4. DO NOT merge onto I4!
    5) Follow Wymore all the way down until you meet Kennedy Street.
    6) Turn left at traffic light, onto Kennedy Street.
    7) Follow Kennedy all the way down until you meet Forest City Road/434.
    8) Turn right at traffic light, onto Forest City Road/434.
    9) Follow 434 for a few miles. You will pass under Maitland Blvd, then cross over/through Rt 436.
    10) After Rt 436, about 1 mile, turn left at traffic light, onto Sand Lake Road.
    11) Turn right at second traffic light into Lake Brantley High School, follow this road around to the back of the school, to the pool parking lot, or if full, to the one just beyond it.

    Park as close to the pool entrance as you can. If the car park is full, drop your gear at the entrance, and park in the extra car park at the rear of the pool.

    More Pictures of Dayo Classes at the pool!