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    Dayo Scuba's Rental Gear Prices

    Sorry, but we do not rent weights, and basic gear (ie: mask, fins, booties and snorkel). All certified divers should own their own basic gear. We have great discounts on this gear.

    Take a class from us and take your 10% off gear rental. We call this our ALUMNI DISCOUNT.

    *** Rental gear is available on a first come basis. We have much, but during the summer months we have large classes and an increase in gear rental. Please call ahead to insure you can rent it during the summer months.

    Gear Cost / Day Weekend Rate
    (Pickup Friday,
    Return on Monday)
    Weekly Rate ( 4-7 days)
    BCD $10 $15 $30
    Regulator $10 $15 $30
    Air Tanks $10 $15 $30
    Nitrox Tank Aluminum $15 $22 $44
    Nitrox Tank Steel $19 $25 $50
    Wetsuit $10 $15 $30
    Float ball with reel $10 $10 $20