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    Orlando Scuba Instructor Courses
    Recreational, Technical & Cave

    We offer professional development and continuing education for instructors for TDI, SDI and ERDI.

    Contact us if you have any questions or information. Scuba@dayo.com
    Avocational Instructor Form (pdf) Please read this form. We are NOT a University or College. All instructor training is done as an avocational endeavor. ( Html Format ).

    Course Description
    SDI Open Water Instructor

    (includes IE fees)

    Plus materials (cost varies by agency)

    ERDI Courses
    ERDI Instructor $1499
    TDI Courses
    Nitrox Instructor $399
    Intro to Tech Instructor call
    Advanced Nitrox Instructor $599
    Decompression Procedures Instructor $599
    Advanced Nitrox & Deco $989
    Extended Range Instructor $799
    Trimix Instructor $799
    Advanced Trimix Instructor $999
    Cavern Instructor $599
    Intro Cave Instructor $799
    Full Cave Instructor $1199
    Advanced Wreck Instructor $1199
    Cave DPV Instructor $750
    Stage Cave Instructor $600
    Cave Surveying Instructor $799
    Nitrox Gas Blender Instructor $199
    Advanced Gas Blender Instructor $199
    SDI Staff Instructors $1299