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    1. Training

    The VIP Inspector program qualifies individuals, who work/in association in the dive industry, to perform Visual Inspections on SCUBA cylinders.

    What it is:
    The SDI Visual Inspection Procedures course encompasses various aspects of cylinder care from the proper handling, filling, storage and inspection techniques. Inspection techniques are vital to identify various defective conditions that can lead to cylinder rejection or condemnation.

    Agencies we teach for:

    Course Cost:
    See Prices Page

    This includes: educational materials, your practical training, certification card and wall certificate.

    Other costs:
    We sell VIP lights (~$10), useful for any VIP Inspector!

    Gear you need to provide:
    None!! No scuba gear is required….as this is all “dry” training. We will provide the testing tools you need for your course.

    What the VIP course entails:
    The VIP Inspector course consists of academics, and a practical session.

    How we teach it:
    * Before the practical class, you’ll review your SDI VIP Inspector Manual, which gives a step-by-step explanation of how to visually inspect a tank. The manual also covers safety considerations, tools, legal requirements and proper filling procedures.

    The academics are reviewed when you meet your Instructor, and you will do a multiple choice written test. You will then do a hands on practical and get a chance to VIP a tank yourself!

    After successful completion of the academics, written test and practical training with your instructor, you will be awarded your certification as a VIP Inspector!

    Age requirements:
    You must be at least 18 years old to receive the VIP Inspector Certification; there is no maximum age.

    Minimum # of students per class:
    We need two or more people to make a VIP class

    How many people are in each class?
    Usually 1-3

    Schedule/Timing for the VIP Course:
    We train all the time, and have multiple instructors on staff, many full time, so we do weekday and weekend classes.

    Call us or check out our Calendar for dates of upcoming courses.

    How long does the VIP course take?
    The academics take a half day, and another half day for the practical session.

    Where we do VIP course:
    We train VIP Inspectors at the Dayo Scuba training center.

    Prerequisites for Course:
    * Before participating in the VIP inspector course, you will be required to fill out a standard liability release form.
    * You must be affiliated with an organization that has a high pressure air compressor and fill station.

    What you can do afterwards:

    * You may inspect high pressure scuba cylinders for defective conditions that could cause cylinder failure.

    * You can train fill station operators in the safe methods of handling, transporting and filling high pressure scuba cylinders

    * Continue your training with a specialty dives or more non diving courses.

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