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    1. Training

    This course provides the training of visual inspectors to a level whereby they can teach the SDI Visual Inspection Procedure course to others.

    Read more about the VIP course and how we teach it here

    SDI VIP Instructor

    Pre-requisites Certifications for SDI VIP Instructor:

    * Minimum age of 21 years old

    * Be affiliated with an organization that has a high pressure air compressor and fill station

    * Be a qualified cylinder inspector by a nationally recognized agency.

    * Can prove that he/she has inspected a minimum of 50 high pressure cylinders.

    Required Equipment for SDI VIP Instructors:

    * SDI VIP Instructor Manual.

    * A right angle mirror (dental mirror) with a magnification of 2X, with a diameter small enough to enter the tank neck.

    * An inspection light of sufficient size and intensity to illuminate the mirror and threads being inspected.

    * A light wand or other light source to illuminate the interior surfaces of the cylinder being inspected.

    * A right angle mirror and light source to enable the inspection of the interior crown area of the cylinder being inspected.

    * A straight and right angle pick an some gauging method to estimate the depth of any pitting noted on the cylinder walls.

    Number of dives associated with the course:
    There are no dives required for this course

    Skill Performance Requirements:

    * Candidates must attend a workshop at Dayo Scuba in order to fulfill the requirements for the SDI VIP Instructor course. After this is completed, and the appropriate fee paid to SDI, the Instructor may apply to upgrade in their rating with SDI.

    * During the workshop, Instructors are required to inspect three cylinders with at least one having a defective condition.

    * Demonstrate the ability to identify those conditions in a cylinder that would reject or condemn it.

    * They must satisfactorily complete the SDI VIP written examination and be able to adequately explain each answer to a prospective student.

    * They must satisfactorily complete the SDI VIP Instructor written examination.

    * Demonstrate proficiency in teaching the SDI VIP course.

    Cost: See Professional's Price Page

    * As this is a professional course, you are expected to buy your own academic materials and required equipment, as listed above.

    * The Instructor Upgrade with SDI is $40.