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    with Dayo Scuba, Orlando, Florida

    Nitrox is our most popular specialty diver course, and its easy to see why. Over the last two decades Nitrox has become one of the most important tools used in scuba diving. It has many benefits and advantages over air, and has revolutionized the way we dive today.

    What it is:
    Air is primarily a mix of nitrogen and oxygen, in a ratio of 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. This is an excellent mix for the surface, obviously as we have been using it for thousands of years! However for scuba diving, adjusting this ratio (resulting in a breathing mix we call Nitrox) opens many windows of opportunity.

    Nitrox is enriched air, any mix that has more than 21% oxygen in it (and proportionately less nitrogen). If we have less nitrogen in our tanks, we breathe and accumulate less of it during our dives, so therefore we can stay down longer, have shorter surface intervals, and are less prone to issues that too much nitrogen causes. Like everything, there is a drawback to “too much of a good thing”, there are certain considerations to be taken into account when using Nitrox. This course trains divers to safely and effectively use Nitrox mixes from 22-40% on dives.

    Agencies we teach for:

    Course Cost:
    See Prices Page
    This includes educational materials and instruction.

    Other costs:
    Scuba dives are optional during most Nitrox courses (see table below for more details).

    Gear you need to provide:
    There are no compulsory dives to obtain your Nitrox Certification from most agencies. If you wish to dive, you will need to provide all your own dive gear. BC, regulator, wetsuit, weights are are available for rental with a discount for our Alumni (anyone that has taken a class from us).

    What the course entails:
    The Nitrox course is mainly an academic based course that trains divers on the background and principles of Nitrox diving, benefits and considerations when using Nitrox, and how to properly plan Nitrox Dives. There are no specific water skills to be evaluated at this level (hence no compulsory dives at this level), however to effectively demonstrate the advantages of Nitrox, students are encouraged to do some diving while using Nitrox.

    How we teach it:
    There are academics and practical hands on skills for the Nitrox Course, and optional diving (depending on agency, see table).

    * The academics are done at home from your Nitrox Manual/DVD or online (SDI). The manual and online system are are very well structured, and a very informative learning tools, and excellent alternative to multiple day or evening lectures.

    Some topics covered are (but not limited too):
    · History of Nitrox
    · Advantages and considerations when using Nitrox
    · Physiology and physics associated with Nitrox
    · Using tables and a computer for planning Nitrox dives
    · Enriched air scuba diving equipment considerations
    · Common mixing procedures
    · How to calculate and manage your oxygen exposure
    · Important procedures to follow when using Nitrox: analyzing tanks, establishing MOD's etc

    As you work through the manual or online course, you will fill in the online quizzes (SDI), your workbook (NAUI), or the Knowledge Reviews (PADI), until you have completed all the material. Afterwards you will meet with your Instructor and do a full review of all the academics, and do a multiple choice written test.

    Under the supervision of an Instructor, you will then calibrate a Nitrox analyzer, and use it to analyze various tanks. Correct labeling of the Nitrox cylinders will be demonstrated. If the student plans on doing Nitrox dives, they will calculate the best mix to be used, MOD and other considerations appropriate to dive site and their training.

    After successful completion of your academics, and familiarization with a Nitrox analyzer, you will awarded your certification as a Nitrox Diver.

    Age requirements:
    * You must be at least 10 years old to receive a Nitrox certification (SDI); there is no maximum age. See the table for specific agency requirements.

    Minimum # of students per class:

    Schedule/Timing for Course:
    As Nitrox courses are entirely self study…it is up to you to schedule your course, as its all done at home!

    How long does the course take?
    Usually the Nitrox academics take anywhere from 6-12 hours to complete.

    Prerequisites for Course:

    * You need to be Open Water Certified (or equivalent), or enrolled in an Open Water Course

    * Before participating in the Nitrox diver course, you will be asked to fill out a standard liability release form and medical forms. If you answer YES to anything on the medical, you will have to get it signed off by a physician.

    * To enroll in the SDI Computer Nitrox programme, you must own your own dive computer.

    * DAN Insurance is HIGHLY recommend for all diving activities.

    What you can do afterwards:

    * Dive, dive, dive!!! (using a new mixture!)

    * You can have your tanks filled with 21-40% Nitrox, and use it on dives.

    * This class is usually combined with the Advanced Open Water Class, or related specialty courses such as deep or wreck diving.

    * Your Nitrox cert can count towards the specialty courses needed for your Master Scuba Diver rating.

    * Continue your diver training with more specialized training.

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