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    1. Training

    This is a common follow up to the Open Water Course. The Advanced Open Water Course is an experience based, fun program where you gain a range of additional experience and skills under the direct guidance of a dive instructor.

    What it is:
    The Advanced Open Water course fine tunes your dive skills, equipment and theory to enable you to dive and explore deeper (up to 130 feet/40 meters) and more challenging environments of the underwater world. You will have new experiences, learn new skills, and expand your diving limits.

    Agencies we teach for:

    Course Cost:
    See Prices Page This includes: educational materials, your dive training, certification card, and photos (above and below water).

    Other costs:
    What not included is gear hire, tank rental, gas fills, food, lodging, dive site fees & transportation. Dive site fees range from $5-$40, depending on site. Boats range from $65-85.

    Gear you need to provide:
    You will need to have your own basic gear: ie: mask, fins, booties, and snorkel. The rest of the gear, like the BC, regulator, wetsuit and weights are available for rental; reduced for alumni.

    What the course entails:
    Throughout your advanced open water course, you will do several specialty dives, in order to expand your diving knowledge, experience and limits.

    How we teach it:
    There are two parts, the academics and the “wet” portion.

    * The academics are done at home from your Advanced Open Water Manual, at your own pace. The manual is well structured, and a very informative learning tool, and an excellent alternative to multiple day or evening lectures.

    As you work through the manual you will fill in your Knowledge Reviews (PADI), or your workbook (NAUI and SDI), until you have completed all the material. There is no test for the Advanced Open Water course, but all the academics are enforced through detailed dive briefings and debriefings as you complete your “advanced dives”.

    * For the wet training, you will do a series of specialty dives, aimed to introduced different types of diving.

    Typically, the wet part takes place over 2-3 days. For SDI you will do 8 dives, NAUI requires 6 dives, and PADI requires 5 dives. Students must do one deep dive (60-100 feet), a navigation dive, a peak buoyancy dive, and the others dives are chosen from drift, night/limited visibility, fish identification, u/w photography, wreck, drift, search and recovery, etc.

    For more details on these different types of diving, check out our Specialty Diver section.

    Some vital skills practiced and learned throughout the Advanced Open Water Course are:

    * Leadership skills: you will be the leader on many of your advanced dives….a good dive leader makes a better diver.
    * Towing, air sharing and basic rescue skills
    * Physical and physiological aspects of deeper diving
    * Understanding and application of good navigation skills
    * Trim and good buoyancy
    * Planning and conducting advanced dives
    * Dealing with some scuba emergencies
    * Better use of your dive computer/tables

    Note: this is not a fully inclusive list, just an overview!

    After successful completion of your academics, and the required number of dives, you will awarded your certification as an Advanced Open Water Diver!

    Age requirements:
    You must be at least 15 years old to receive an Advanced Open Water Diver certification; there is no maximum age. Those aged 10-14 can enroll in the Junior Advanced Open Water Diver certification, which means they must dive with a certified adult until their 15th birthday.

    Minimum # of students per class:
    We need 2 or more people to make an Advanced Open Water Class; private, one-on-one classes can be organized for a separate fee.

    How many people are in each class?
    Our advanced Open Water classes range in size, from 2-4 students. We always have two Instructors on site, to assure personal attention and fun, and usually some extra help too (Divemasters and Instructors in training). Weekends are busiest.

    Schedule/Timing for Advanced Open Water Course:
    We train all the time, and have multiple instructors on staff, many full time, so we do weekday and weekend classes.

    Call us or check out our Calendar for dates of upcoming courses.

    How long does the course take?
    Usually we complete the Advanced Open Water Course in 2-3 days.

    Where we do our course:
    We use at least two different dive sites when training Advanced Open Water Divers. The local springs (Alexander, Devils Den, Deleon, Blue Grotto) are common options, but we also have to visit a “deep” site (such as Blue Springs). We also like to visit the ocean for Advanced Open Water Classes.

    Prerequisites for Course:

    * Before participating in the advanced open water course, you will be asked to fill out a standard liability release form and a medical statement. If you answer YES to anything on the medical form, we will require that you get it signed off by your physician.

    * Open Water Diver certification, or equivalent for NAUI and PADI Advanced Open Water Courses.

    * 4 specialties and 25 logged dives for the SDI Advanced Course.

    * DAN Insurance is HIGHLY recommend for all diving activities.

    * Most people combine the Advanced Open Water Course with Nitrox Course, as you will be using Nitrox on most your advanced dives in the future.

    What you can do afterwards:
    * Dive, dive, dive!!!

    * Dive with a certified diving buddy, while applying the knowledge and skills that you learned in your course, within the limits of your dive training and experience. Advanced Open Water Divers are limited to a recommended depth of 130 feet/40 meters.

    * Obtain air fills, scuba equipment and other services for scuba diving.

    * Continue your diver training with more specialized training.

    *The Advanced Open Water Diver Course and the Rescue Diver and various Specialty Diver ratings are prerequisites to the Master Scuba Diver certification.

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