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    1. Training

    This is the most popular course we do! We certify hundreds of new divers every year as "Open Water Divers". Our class size is limited to 4 (minimum) to 8 students per instructor. When we have large groups, which is often in the summer months, we just bring out more experienced instructors to keep the student to instructor ratio small.

    What it is:
    This is a lifelong certification! The open water course enables you to dive anywhere in the world (to a depth of 60 feet/18 meters!), it is your ticket to see the amazing underwater world, and will give you experiences and adventures you will remember for the rest of your your life.

    Agencies we teach for:
    We teach for the finest Scuba Agencies!
    PADI and SDI
    Unlike nearly all scuba shops, Dayo Scuba teaches for multiple agencies to give their student divers ALL the training options available. Each agency has it's 'claims for fame', but each of these agencies have very comprehensive academic materials and standards. We are proud to teach for all of them!

    Who is teaching you?
    Dayo Scuba's seasoned instructors have years of experience teaching basic, advanced, technical, cave, public safety, and even scuba instructors at all levels. All the Dayo instructors have more than the basic training required to teach scuba. They are EXPERIENCED divers! Click here to meet the Instructors!

    Course Cost:

    Check the Prices Page

    We give discounts for groups, call us for details!

    This includes: educational materials, your dive training, full gear hire, certification card, and photos (above and below water).

    Other costs:
    Our cost includes everything except food, lodging, dive site fees & transportation. Dive site fees (paid to the dive sites) are generally around $25 for the entire weekend.

    Gear you need to provide:
    None!! We will provide all your gear for the Open Water course…however if you do wish to purchase gear, we sell gear with some very nice discounts, especially for new divers and alumni of Dayo Scuba!

    What the course entails:
    Throughout your open water course, you will learn the basic fundamentals of scuba diving, including dive equipment care, safety protocols and good dive techniques.

    How we teach it:
    There are two parts, the academics and the “wet” portion.

    * The academics are done at home from a set of DVD/CD Rom/Manuals or Online, at your own pace. Online course and the DVD/CD Roms are very well produced, structured, and informative learning tools. They are excellent alternatives to multiple day or evening lectures.

    As you work through the material you will fill in your Knowledge Reviews (PADI), a workbook (SDI), or online quizzes, until you have completed all the material. When you have finished the academics, you will do a review with the instructors, if necessary, and then a final multiple-choice written test. Upon completion of the academics, you will then start the “wet” training.

    * During the 'wet' part of the course, all the academics you learned will be reinforced, and some new things taught that are not in the books...

    Typically, the wet part takes 3 days, which includes an extensive pool (confined water) session on the first day, late afternoon into the evening, followed by 2 days of diving (4 - 5 dives) in the local springs, lakes or ocean.

    You actually learn how to scuba dive in the confined water/pool session(s). We start with some swim exercises where students demonstrate their swimming ability (some snorkeling and threading water, nothing strenuous!). After that, you will be familiarized with your with your scuba equipment in the shallow end of the pool, through a range of skills. These are seen first on the DVD at home, then demonstrated by your instructor, and then you get a chance to show us! Some skills are:

    * Don, adjust and removing your scuba equipment (under and over water)

    * Breathing underwater with your scuba unit
    * Regulator recovery and clearing
    * Mask removal, replacement and clearing

    * No mask swim

    * Swimming underwater with scuba gear
    * Practicing neutral buoyancy!
    * Hand signals and other u/w communications
    * Smooth ascents and descents
    * Planning and conducting safe dives
    * Dealing with scuba emergencies

    Note: this is not a fully inclusive list, just a quick overview! (Link to All of them)

    After your successful completion of the pool session, we do the checkout open water dives, in a local spring, lake, ocean. 4-5 dives must be completed to pass. The first dive is a fun dive, we swim around, explore and take lots of photos. On the second dive we re-do all the skills we can that you learned in the pool. On the third day, we do two or more dives, and we learn some new skills like navigation, towing, buoyancy control, and gas management.

    Upon successful completion of your workbook, the academic test and your 5 dives you will awarded certification as an Open Water Diver! You can then dive anywhere in the world!

    Age requirements:
    You must be at least 15 years old to receive an Open Water Diver certification; there is no maximum age. Those aged 10-14 can enroll in the Junior Open Water Diver certification, which means they must dive with a certified adult until their 15th birthday.

    Minimum # of students per class:
    We need 2 or more people to make an Open Water Class, however we will not cancel any scheduled ones, regardless of the number of students. Private classes can be organized for a separate fee.

    How many people are in each class?
    Our Open Water classes range in size, but we usually have at least two instructors and/or divemasters on site with larger classes, assuring student safety, and that the students have more personal attention and fun. We often have divemaster and instructor interns dive with us as well. Weekends are the busiest. Below shows a class with three instructors present.

    Schedule/Timing for Course:
    We train all the time, and have multiple instructors on staff, many full time, so we do weekday and weekend classes.

    Click on our calendar for dates of upcoming courses.

    How long does the course take?
    As long as you need!!!

    Usually we complete the course in 3 days, but sometimes it is necessary to dive more than 3 days because of learning difficulties, clearing or weather issues. If necessary, we will dive extra days to get you properly certified, at no extra charge. It is our mission to make you a safe and competent diver.

    Where we do our course:

    We usually use our local heated pool for the confined water/pool session. For day one of diving, we generally go to Alexander Springs, Lake Denton, Devil's Den or Deleon Springs. For the last day of diving, we go to Alexander Springs, Lake Denton, Blue Spring, Blue Grotto, or on occasion, the ocean. Where we go usually depends on the season and weather conditions. We like WARM, so the WARMEST dive site usually wins out.

    Open Water Class at Deleon Springs

    Prerequisites for Course:

    * You will also need a swimsuit and towel for your wet training.

    * Before participating in the open water course, you will be required to fill out a standard liability release form and a medical statement. If you answer YES to anything on the medical form, we will require that you get it signed off by a physician.

    * You need to be comfortable in the water, and have basic swimming abilities. You don’t have to be an athlete, but you should be in good health. Mentally you need to have a mature attitude and the self-discipline to follow the guide-lines and principles required for safe diving.

    * Sign up for free online DAN Insurance. This is HIGHLY recommended for our Open Water Students. You can register online BEFORE arriving for the 'wet' part of the class. It is FREE (for the Open Water Course Only), no cost to the student, but introduces you to a great scuba insurance company for your use as an active certified diver.

    Open Water Class at Alexander Springs

    What you can do afterwards:

    * Dive, dive, dive!!!

    * Dive with a certified diving buddy, while applying the knowledge and skills that you learned in your course, within the limits of your dive training and experience. Open water divers are licensed to dive to a depth of 60 feet/18 meters.

    * Obtain air fills, scuba equipment and other services for scuba diving.

    * Continue your diver training with a specialty dives and more courses.

    * The most common follow up course after the Open Water course is the Advanced Open Water Course.

    To Register

    Drop by the shop, email, call or Sign up online now!!