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    Dayo Scuba Orlando's Cavern and Cave Diving Training
    Certifications from TDI
    , NSS CDS, NACD, PADI (cavern), and IANTD.

    Cavern and cave diving are not for every diver, but if you have the necessary buoyancy skills. diving experience, discipline, and the desire, it could be for you. These courses help you develop the skills and knowledge for cavern and cave diving. All our training is done in the best of Florida's caverns and caves. Our favorite training sites include, in this order, Peacock Springs, Little River, Telford, and Ginnie Springs, but there are many others like Manatee Springs, Madison Springs and Blue Spring to name only a few.

    ! Please get proper training before EVER venturing into a cave or cavern. !

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    We are encouraging our cavern students to be nitrox certified or take the course in combination with the cavern class. We are encouraging our Intro to Cave divers to be Advanced Nitrox certified, or take that course in combination with their Intro to Cave or Full Cave class.
    Dayo Scuba hosts, sponsors and maintains the leading Cave & Cavern Diving Forum. For information and resources about cave diving, check it out:
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