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    Some reasons you should learn how to Scuba Dive with Dayo Scuba:

    - Leave your surface worries and go where only the special people get the opportunity to go...UNDERWATER. Scuba diving takes you to a wonderful and magnificent place, a world far different than the normal. Go with friends, family or even alone.

    - Travel and explore new places: springs, lakes, oceans, caves, quarries, and everything found in these places, like wrecks, reefs, natural formations, and the wildlife.

    - Make new friends! You will inevitably acquire new friends.

    - Transformation into someone new. Scuba diving will make you a new person after experiencing a very close connection with nature and your inner self.

    - It can be an expensive sport; if you let it, but it is not expensive to get started, especially at Dayo Scuba. We do not make new students purchase their basic, in fact any gear! Learn to dive, and then make your own informed gear purchases.

    - The professional instructors at Dayo Scuba are highly experienced in all areas of scuba diving (recreational, technical and cave), and really enjoy what they are doing.

    - There is usually more local diving around you than you think. Florida is a mecca for scuba diving....if you dived every day for the rest of your life, you would still not see all that Florida has to offer! Dive with the people at Dayo Scuba who have been diving throughout Florida for years, and learn where some of the best dive opportunities are.

    - Get the best scuba dive training possible. Training is absolutely critical for this sport. Getting great training at Dayo Scuba will help insure a more pleasurable experience whereever and whenever you dive.

    - You can dive today... well almost... You might be surprised how fast you can get started. We have some online options that allow you to start today, or use our multi-media kits to learn the academics at home, at your own leisure, then come see us to finish up the 'wet' part.

    Oh, and a big thing with our classes is that they are very enjoyable. During your class we try to make it an adventure you'll never forget, but also fun. Fun is important. Safety is always the priority, but FUN comes a close 2nd...

    Contact us today if interested! or check out more at www.scubadiver.cc